TRUETEA iced teaExperience the refreshing and healthy goodness of NO SUGAR ADDED and LOW CALORIE iced tea!




Enjoy the real goodness of TrueTea made with REAL BLACK TEA LEAVES and  sweetened with STEVIA  Рto get that delicious refreshing drink WITHOUT the guilt!


No SUGAR Added

Sweetened with premium Stevia for a refreshing drink without the guilt!

Refreshingly Tea

Guaranteed to be made with 100% REAL BLACK TEA leaves.

Refreshingly True

Made with all natural ingredients for a healthier you.

Truetea is the first low calorie iced tea with no sugar added. Truetea is made from real black tea leaves and sweetened with stevia to bring out the best mixture of taste, sweetness, and flavor. Truetea is packed with Vitamin C, perfect for you and your family who wants a refreshing drink without the worries.