Fun Facts about Green Stevia and Black Tea

GREEN STEVIA is an organic sugar substitute meant to replace sugar. It comes from the powdered extract of the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant.


The origin of tea brewing originated many thousands of years ago. The simple act of putting leaves into hot water has provided ancient societies with medicinal benefits, as well as a tasty beverage to enjoy by itself or with a meal.


GREEN STEVIA helps you to lessen your sugar intake in your daily diet. Too much sugar found in food and drinks (such as 1 can of softdrink has 9 teaspoons of sugar) has been linked to diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

Did you know?

Stevia plant was discovered originally in Paraguay. At present, there are lot of countries growing stevia. We are proud to say that the plants where GREEN STEVIA came from are locally grown by our Filipino farmers.

Many attribute the discovery of tea to the Emperor Shen Nung, a Chinese ruler in the 2700s BC. A leaf accidentally dropped into a glass of hot water, or so the story goes, and tea brewing as we know it was born.

The sweetness of stevia comes from the sweet component of the stevia leaves called Steviol Glycosides, making it 300x times sweeter than sugar. These Steviol Glycosides are extracted naturally from the leaves, without using alcohols and other harmful substances.

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