No Sugar Added! Sweetened with Green Stevia

Healthier compared to other iced tea, true to the last drop

Packed with Vitamin C

TrueTea has 100mg of Vitamin C per serving. TrueTea will meet 133% of your Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake for Vitamin C - which has lots of health benefits and also helps to boost your immune system to fight diseases.

Made with
Real Black Tea Leaves

* No artificial ingredients were used and Rich in anti-oxidants

* Keeps you alert and full of energy.

* Helps protect our cells from DNA damage.

* Helps in cancer prevention.

* Lowers the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones, and Parkinson’s disease.

* Good for Oral Health.

* Helps boost metabolism to aid weight loss.

Zestiness of Lemon

Eliminates taste fatigue compared with ordinary iced tea.

20 Calories per Serving

Ideal for weight conscious and individuals who are on a diet

Natural Taste

Taste like a freshly home-brewed black tea added with ice, sweetened with stevia

Litro Pack

Ideal healthy drink for salo-salo during events, outings, or even during simple gathering with family and friends

A quality product from GXI Inc.

GX International is a Filipino company producing quality and safe products for Filipinos for the past 25 years.

Available in Leading Supermarkets Nationwide